Human resource management in a startup – Real experience from experts

 An old saying that “ Talent and Moral people are the core of a nation”, nowadays human resource is the main core of business startups. So that Human resources management plays an important role in any startup’s business.

After the positive feedback from the first talk show (taking place on October 2, 2021) in the series events 844 Livestream 2021 – a project of the Ministry of Science and Technology to support start-upp) in order to create a sustainable startup ecosystem in Vietnam, the organizers of the program broadcast the second episode on October 8, 2021 with the topic “Effective human resource management experience for startups”. Attending the second issue were the speakers – Ms. Nguyen Phuong Le – Founder/CEO of the restaurant-cafe chain Maison De’licat and Mr. Tran Xuan Duc – CEO of RELIPA Co., Ltd.

With this hot topic, many issues have been discussed such as the role of human resource management in enterprises; human resource management strategy for startups; How to manage human resources remotely (because of Covid 19), keep the spirit of solidarity in the team, connect personnel when working online or the solution when the employee system has a dispute, disagreement… With experiences and methods, we hope that the startups can apply in their own businesses. The two guests not only helped startups have the best overview of human resource management but also raised the difficulties when managing human resources and accompanying them. It is a solution to the internal problems of the company.

What factors are important when recruiting personnel?

In response to this question, Mr. Tran Xuan Duc said the most important criteria for recruiting is the commonality of personnel with the company’s core values, positive energy, suitable organization, and a good attitude. Besides, he also highly appreciates the progressive personnel who always try their best in their work to improve their capacity day by day.

Sharing the same opinion, Phuong Le said that the 4 criteria that she is interested in when recruiting and exploiting the potential of human resources are: suitability to the business environment, suitability to the working position, working attitude. and capacity of personnel. In which, Ms. Le places the most importance on working attitude, considering this to be the deciding factor whether or not to recruit a person. According to Ms. Le, in order to determine the suitability of an employee with the business, right during the interview process, the recruiter needs to point out the corporate culture for reference with the personnel to see if they can meet the requirements or not. 

Phuong Le also shared that before having a recruitment plan, businesses need to draw up a detailed operating model of the company and understand the available resources (capital, number of employees). For startup businesses, it is important to know their own advantages and limitations so that they can find and supplement personnel for positions that the business is still lacking.

How do businesses attract talented employees?

During the Livestream, how to attract talented employees for businesses was also discussed enthusiastically. According to the speakers, a comfortable, open working environment that encourages learning so that employees can show their maximum capacity is a necessary condition to attract talented people, in addition to the salary and bonus regime. But the most important thing is still the alignment of vision and development direction between employees and businesses. That is the longest and most sustainable bond.

Specifically, Ms. Phuong Le said that in order to attract talent, businesses need to understand the desires of each employee. Because each employee when going to work has his own goals. It can be income, a good working environment or experience, an opportunity to develop yourself… Therefore, in addition to attractive salaries and bonuses, businesses must know what the needs of employees are and the company can meet their needs, thereby balancing the needs of the two parties.

From another perspective, according to Mr. Duc, it is very difficult for startups to attract talented and experienced personnel because most of these people have a certain position in large enterprises. He said that it is important for businesses to create a playground for everyone. The reason is that really good people often want to challenge themselves with difficult problems to show their ability as well as try new experiences. They don’t need someone to guide them or do easy tasks. In addition to thinking of a problem that can reach talent, the Founder team also has to bet a “big game”, the scale of development is large enough for talent to develop to its fullest capacity.

On the other hand, Mr. Duc also expressed that the business itself can also create talent. Taking a practical example from his business, Mr. Duc said that his company regularly organizes courses and training courses to develop skills and professional competencies for its personnel. According to him, this is also an issue that startups should focus on because if they don’t invest and pay attention to personnel training, in the long run, employees will lose their motivation to strive.

Human resource management is not only about exploiting and optimally using human resources, but also creating an environment for each individual to learn and improve skills day by day. Effective human resource management is the premise to ensure the development of the company, playing an important role in the company’s operations. Therefore, building effective human resource management systems and processes should be a top priority. At the same time, the administrator must always make efforts, gain more knowledge and skills of employee management through books, practical experiences and learn from the experiences of those who have  before.


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