The story of a startup: The first journey

On December 10, 2021, The 844 project’s Livestream premiered the first  episode with the topic related to what needs to be done if we run a startup? This episode had caught a lot of attention from many people.

The project “Supporting the national innovative startup ecosystem to 2025” (Project 844) -: ISEV” was approved by the Prime Minister under Decision 844 / QD-TTg dated May 18, 2016, aims to create a favorable environment to promote and support the formation and development of enterprises.

In this project, many activities have been in order to support innovation startups in Vietnam. These include some activities that create a favorable environment to promote and support a new bussiness, which have the potential to grow fast base on intellectual property, technology, new business models; Helping to complete the legal system in order to support innovative start-ups, Making a digital list of new innovation startup,… Project 844 has become a useful place for all newbie startups.


This Livestream had the honor to have two famous CEO and expert talk and share their experiences – Mrs. Ngo Thuy Anh – CEO of Aligo Ed_tech Group and Hasu. JSC and Mr. Dam Quoc Hiep – Vice President of Danko Group. Mrs. Ngo Thuy Anh used to be a youth entrepreneurship consultant at  UNDP – United Nations Development Program and Founder of 4 technology projects, contributing to building humanistic values in the Vietnamese and international markets. Mr. Dam Quoc Hiep is a former lecturer at the Institute of Education Management – Ministry of Education and Training and also had 16 years of teaching and researching experience in higher education. 

The first show with 2 special guest

Besides startups and the people who are interesting in this area watched the show, there were so many students in VNU-UEB ( University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University, Hanoi) join and ask a lot of questions to the guests. The program also streamed on the National Startup Fanpage, UEB Job Fair Fanpage, and Youth Union Fanpage, University of Economics – Hanoi National University.

Throughout the entire talk show, very basic issues about the definition of Startup, the equipment to prepare for a Startup, the experience of raising capital, and calling companions when starting a business were shared by 2 experts. And it really helps the audience with extremely useful knowledge. In order to start a business, it is necessary to understand the market, understand the needs and pain of the people/customer by some survey, prepare knowledge about human resources, legal, financial …Good idea isn’t enough. Entrepreneurs need to have full knowledge and understanding of their business path. 

The sharing of some practical experiences in the start-up process of Ms. Ngo Thuy Anh and Mr. Dam Quoc Hiep, such as starting a business in the field of technology, real estate… were told and cited by the two guests. That stories have been experienced by both of them so that they can bring a specific view to the viewer on the issue of starting a business. It is not something that seems too far away, it can be started from a good idea in a small business. And that will be the premise for larger and more successful Startup projects.

2 guests shared their experiences in the talk show.

Live-streamed on Fanpage of Youth Union, University of Economics – Hanoi National University, so the program is also geared towards students and is well received by many of them. Tips on whether to start a startup when you just graduated from college or the experience of standing up when the startup fails… Those are the questions that many students are interested in because there are people who are still struggling with the question of when is the right time to start their own. It was the real stories and extensive knowledge of the two guests that brought a new vision in the entrepreneurial journey of the students. Solutions are also given with the desire to help students better understand Startup, besides difficulties are also mentioned for analysis and explanation.

Also during the broadcast of the Livestream, Ms. Ngo Thuy Anh and Mr. Dam Quoc Hiep answered questions from viewers sent to the program. Multi-dimensional perspectives on Startup were shown, comments from the audience were directly discussed, exchanged, and answered. At the end of the first episode, many viewers were still continued to send questions to the program and the organizers promised to answer in the next show.

Let’s look forward to the next show of Project 844 with some attractive topics related to Startup. The topic of episode 2  will be about an effective human resource management experience for Startups. A very good and practical topic for those who have been, are, and will be starting a business.


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